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Stroller purchase tips
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Childs is more important for children growing up toys, but also increasingly by parents and children the attention and love. However, due to lack of self-protection awareness for children, baby product of any quality problems can have serious consequences, so parents should be cautious in the purchase of the stroller.
    In general, the purchase of stroller should note the following:
    First, a description is the best teacher. Customers who bought the product should check whether the instruction manual, the purchase should be strictly in accordance with the product instructions for use and maintenance to ensure the safe use of the process.
    Secondly, to choose a single function stroller. Stroller best "car only" because the function of a single stroller, relatively speaking, scientific and reasonable structure design. In contrast, combined or close a few times as a product he makes.
    Stroller including children bicycle, tricycle, strollers and baby walkers and other types. Real life depending on the stage of development and needs of children, to buy different kinds of stroller.
    Children's bicycles: Children's bicycles range is suitable for children ages 4 to 8 years old, when combined with the optional child's age and height, select the appropriate size of the bike. Note that the brake hand brake when choosing the size, if the size is too large, possibly because children hold the hand brake is not tight, it will lead to brake the car when the brakes; in the purchase and use of children's bicycles on the balance wheel should not arbitrarily demolition; Child bicycle chain cover is essential, no matter what the chain cover, should make the children can not easily touch the chain as well, to prevent child fingers in the holes where the hurt.
    Tricycle: Tricycle without any possible harm pinch point; porosity may touch any moving parts or between moving parts shall be less than 5 mm or greater than 12 mm, to prevent the child to pinch your fingers; Also, note tricycle small parts on the children are safe.
    Strollers: In addition to the vehicle structure is solid, but also pay attention to the cart locking mechanism and safety devices are complete and reliable, if only the locking mechanism without safety device, once the locking mechanism failure, it is possible for children causing serious injury. The time of purchase to pay attention on a trolley around the height from the seat cushion is appropriate, shoulder strap, cross belt, cross-belt, buckles, belts and other devices are secure, to make sure that in the course of children not because of seat belts and other devices do not firm fell out of the bus accident and cause injury; when using strollers, adults try not to leave the stroller to prevent accidents.
    Baby walkers: the purchase should consider the stability, rigidity and strength of the product framework, in particular to check whether a reliable locking device, to prevent children jumping in the car so that the locking device loosening caused by self-folding walker, causing accident; prohibited the use in rough terrain, ramps, stairs, bathroom, kitchen and close to appliances and other dangerous places.
    In addition, no matter what type of baby carrier shall have accessible sharp corners, burrs, sharp edges, so as not to scratch the skin of children; metal welding places, the surface should be smooth, without cracks, or burn penetration, etc. defects; assembled good stroller should be firmly assembled, the various rotating parts should be flexible operation.