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Eight precautions when using the stroller
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Parents like to take the baby to outdoor activities, while the baby sitting in a small car like himself out, so that the stroller safety it is very important.
In terms of the purchase, you must first pay attention to whether the seat belt sturdy and easily adjustable; frame should be the main lock and additional security locks, locks the two rear wheels should be locked at the same time; there must be enough seating space and supporting force; there must pedal design, and should be a single trolley can move forward without wavering; the body can not have too big a gap finger bit, so as not to pinch the baby or sprained hand.
Before going out, check the performance of the various parts of the stroller, stroller Expand ensure each part clamping, good braking performance.
Do not push the rugged path, because at this conference the car bumps, swing around, so that the baby was very upset, and unstable environment may also cause harm to the baby.
Side of the road and other dust, air pollution, less environmental chaotic place to go, it is best to drive less, fresh air, open space of the park, such an environment is conducive to the baby's health.
To check whether the fault stroller regularly, such as the body structure of each junction is solid, with or without loose screws and so on.
When they go out, pay attention to weather changes. Cold weather, to put the baby in a blanket in the car, the child into the car after a good package. If the child is asleep outdoors, you can take pushchairs adjusted lying position, or clothing to a good car seat, let your baby sleep comfortably.
Do keep in mind, no time should a person stay in the baby stroller, baby education from an early age and must not put your fingers into the wheel inside.
Sitting stroller can be divided into two kinds of flat and horizontal, no matter what kind, it's best to let the baby under 6 months of use, since more than 6 months baby activity strong, easier to accidents. Also, do not put debris or sun umbrella hanging on baby car armrest, otherwise it will make the stroller tip over and center of gravity.
In addition, parents should remember not to overuse the stroller, which will reduce the active movement of the child, so the child's reduced physical activity is not conducive to the development of athletic ability, and can lead to child obesity in infancy.