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Select the stroller with stress
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Childs vehicles generally include strollers, tricycles, two wheelers and other large species, the choice should be based on the child's age, the following were described.
1. Stroller selection: For about 0-2 years old children, since can not walk independently, so the selection of the most appropriate carts. In general, if you usually send their children to rely mainly on foot, car, or you can choose to sit sitting two two vehicles, both carts are equipped with two functions. Sit as two vehicles both for children but also sit back down to the sleeping child. So regardless of whether they use when awake or asleep can send their children. Sitting two vehicles for the children to sit, stand is also available for children to exercise their leg strength. In addition, for a more spacious family housing consumers, sit two vehicles at night can also use as a crib. Some parents need to pick up the child toll, not only on foot but also through public transit vehicle, you must select lighter and easier to fold the stroller. One of the aluminum alloy tubing umbrellas carts on more appropriate.
The selection of the cart frame can first check the quality of the surface treatment. Exterior paint should be smooth, uniform color, no obvious open at the end, bubbles, peeling and so on, and no hanging paint, wrinkles, particles and the like. In order to determine paint finger tapping or light fastness, rub the surface of the body, the paint should not fall off. Each member should be bright plating, coating peeling off or yellowing.
Then check the intrinsic quality of the car, the welding should be smooth, the body can not find a crack. When using the trolley body, the wheel should rotate freely without stuck phenomenon. After each of the above inspections are qualified, and the appearance of the intrinsic quality of this trolley can basically achieve the requirements.
2. Tricycle selection: Up Baby series varieties, the largest number to the number of the tricycle. Its use is primarily aimed at children 3-5 years of age around. This time the child has learned to walk, like outdoor activities. Therefore tricycle can help them exercise.
Many varieties of style tricycle, the main components are the handlebars, frame, saddle and wheels, the selection can be determined according to the level of the child's stroller legs. Mainly to check the quality of the handlebar plating is bright, with or without air bubbles and light coating spalling, in particular to check the quality of the plating curved portion. The curved shape of the handlebar should be symmetrical, and within about 60 ¡ã rotation should be flexible. Wheels and frame selection and carts is basically the same.
3. Wheelers selection: children grow up to 5 years of age, the activity and to strengthen the capacity to imitate, can not meet the tricycle ride. In this case according to family economic conditions and living conditions, as they consider choosing two-wheelers, also known as children's bicycles. This stroller and adults riding a bike is similar, but at an additional study with two small wheels at the rear. Its function is when the child begins to learn to ride, you can put down two small wheels in order to keep the body balanced, you can learn to ride after the two small wheels turn up. Since the structure and large bicycles Kids bicycles are similar, so the two selection methods are also the same. Baby can also refer to the two selection methods.